Give Me 5 Minutes, and I'll Show You the 6 Habits of People That Lost 100+ Pounds Naturally, and Kept it off.

The surprisingly practical "anti-diet" habits that have had helped hundreds of people successfully conquer their weight, and health, for good.

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About Dream Body: The Anti-Diet

I interviewed dozens of people that lost 100+ pounds, naturally, without fad diets, and kept it off years later. Here's what I learned:

Dream Body is so different because it addresses the ONE thing every diet book doesn't address: HOW to actually apply the information and make it a reality.

You don't need more "what" - another diet. You don't need 356 diet tips and tricks.

How do I know?

The success studies that I interviewed did things WAY different from most people - rather than calorie counting, focusing on fad diets, or using pills, they focused on just a few key principles.

Their habits - and their psychlogy - and their behaviors.

Dream Body is built on these principles - the REAL principles behind successful weight loss and long term health.

 Dream Body Case Studies

The core of the Dream Body program is based upon the same few principles I noticed over and over after interviewing dozens of people that lost 100+ pounds. Here are some of those case studies:

Amanda's Story: Fixed 15+ Health Conditions and A Messed up GI Tract

Amanda was a graduate student who noticed her weight slowly balloon to over 200 pounds. The worst part for her wasn't the weight - it was the health problems. She had to take half a dozen pills daily just to have regular bowel movements and not suffer from other GI distress. After she lost the weight, almost all of those conditions went away or improved dramatically.

Sol's Story: From 300 Pounds to Six Pack

Sol was 'always a big guy' and in other words, he was overweight virtually his entire life. An aspiring bodybuilder, martial arts, and fitness buff, he couldn't figure out why he was being misled by all the horrible information online. After Sol discovered some of these principles, he went on to go from 300+ pounds to 220 pounds, and then below 200 pounds to get a six pack. The best part? This is a true story, unlike a tabloid you'd see on the internet.

Daniel's Story: From Lifelong Overweight to 130 Pounds Lost

Daniel was obese virtually his entire life - and as a video game designer, his lifestyle, work, and friends weren't exactly encouraging him to lose weight or get healthy. But after Daniel lost 130+ pounds (most of that in a YEAR), he went from spending 3 hours a DAY on the toilet... to less than 30 minutes.

Lauryn's Story: How a Single Mother Lost 100+ Pounds

Lauryn was a single mother taking care of her child - with a commute each day - AND night classes, and managed to lose 100+ pounds and fit back into her old high school jeans. I'm going to share more about her story shortly.

How Dream Body: The Anti-Diet
Is Different From Other Programs

Learn from some of the success stories I interviewed.

  • 1

    The emphasis is on habit change, psychology, and lifestyle - not a fad diet that won't work after 30 days.

  • 2

    No restriction of food groups - I've had vegetarians, vegans, meat eaters, and paleo folks all love the program.

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    It's an actual SYSTEM: not a random assortment of diet tips.

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Your privacy is 100% guaranteed.